There’s nothing more intriguing than a true-life thriller, where the protagonist manoeuvres through a world of high-stake drugs, espionage and terror. Along the way, he unwisely falls in love with a woman, a terrorist, whose commitment to her cause is greater than the love she shares with him. He was the man you thought you knew. But with John Coventry, things were never quite as they seemed. Some called him a liar. More called him a thief. In the end, it was all he could do to stay alive. This is the story never before told.

"This book relates the story of how a man, who, as a result of being involved in a get rich quick scheme, is coerced into a world of terrorism that ultimately almost cost him his life. It tells of an intense, passionate, love affair that cannot be either acknowledged or sustained. This book portrays excellently the uncertainty and the fear of being discovered to be an informant while being forced into ever more dangerous situations with pressure applied from Governmental departments...The scariest part of it all… is the knowledge that this is a true account of a period of a man's life that still gives him nightmares today.. a brilliant read."

Kindle Edition Reviewer.

"This is a book I would urge everyone to read, a spine chilling suspense with a nail biting end. A must read ! This has to be a best seller ."

Jacqueline Stallone.

"This is a sex bombshell, a thrilling read and a great adventure into the world of Terrorists and spies. John Coventry recalls the blood ,the sex and his feelings in such total graphic detail. A book that overfills you with delight and that deserves its status as one of the years best reads."

Barnes & Noble Reviewer.


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