Nothing, that's it, the end. It's been a good exercise that I have in many ways enjoyed, but now I think its done.

You must have regrets as you have said, but what is the one thing that you would change if you could?

I have only one member of my family around, I should have four and I so terribly miss the other three. But I will not say more than that. The trouble is that my past life haunts me, all the dreadful things I did , now so long ago, the hurt I caused so many, and you can not change it or go back. So I try now to do nothing that hurts anyone and lead a peaceful life, but the memories never leave.

Are you happy with your life?

Not really, but I am so very grateful for what I have, the love and support of a few. There is so, so much that I want to say, but I doubt I would be believed. I guess it's only again going into the past, let's leave this subject.

You have become known for your somewhat controversial views?

These days, I say things as I see them. There is nothing for me to hide from anymore, my life and all about me is in the public domain. Mind you, one or two of the things are totally untrue or lead one to the wrong opinion and a few jump to the wrong conclusions. But I will answer truthfully anything, anytime, so nothing to hide and that's a relief.

So do you think some people miss read you because of your past?

Maybe. Look , just for the record, I did not, and this is just for an example and to take two mega extremes, and very odd suggestions that have been made, that so many years ago I stole millions, and to the other extreme I sexually assault  boys, girls and animals! (That last one was a joke by the way)..!!  Heads up !  I never stole Millions and I never sexually or physically assulted any boys, girls, animals or spacemen!  I have never ever dealt in drugs or arms, (other than what is told in my book), I was not involved in any scam or scandle in the Labour party honours scandle, I was in France anyhow at the time.  All of these are answered truthfully in my story, as are many things, and with the release of my second book, I am providing all the certified evidence which will put a nail in the coffin of some of these suggestions.  But I was sexually assaulted several times when I was about 14 twice at my school and I did make fraudulent returns to the Government, which of course started it all , read my book. So maybe a few people miss read my past, do not want to hear it, or believe it or use it against me for their own purposes, that's up to them and if that's  the case as  I said , I will nail that coffin with the evidence in my forthcoming book.....

You where reported recently as saying that you did not like liberal views?

I do not like the self-opinionated limousine Liberals, a Californian American influence that's rushed over to the UK, the people who can make you pray before you eat dinner and come over as such wonderful  God fearing souls, going to church every Sunday and so on, but at the same time having thrust their opinions down your throat, and will ,behind your back, call you every name under the sun. That ghastly expression "That's not acceptable" , the idea that children should not be disciplined, but if they do something wrong it should be discussed and talked about with the child.  Hmm, that's why now we have so much trouble in our schools. There are no boundaries. Ambulance chasing solicitors, claim for everything and anything! Guess it's the loss of good British and I should add French etiquette...Having said all that, I have many great American friends.

Have you ever been married?

Yes, but that's an area I that I promised to those involved, that I will not talk about. I think I have already done enough damage to others.

Do you have any dealings with the police these days?

Not really. I had to involve them recently when some odd person decided to hang about where I live and started making threats.The police are always nice to me, although I guess once they have checked their records then they look at me a little oddly. But I got a really nice email from one  police officer saying how much he liked reading my book and another from someone who works for our intelligence services who said he could not put it down!  Both I was rather surprised to receive.
Drink or food?     Got to be drink
Bath or shower?   Depends, if I have time then a long soak in the bath.
Jog or walk?        Your mad! I take a car.
Favorite clothes? Jeans,T shirt,PJ shorts. smart but casual.



12h June 2013 Samantha Shaw Celebrity News

IJohn's first Novel " I Was, I Am, I Will Be" continues to gain media attention as the movie

goes into production. ...

How hard was it to write the Novel and having to look back into your dark past, does it still haunt you?

You have no idea. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it and especially at night. Night

times can be bad. But then again life has to go on and if things get bad, then I always have my teddy bear.

You have now completed your second novel "Pierre's Story", so whats next?

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