John may not be a writer by vocation, but he has fascinating things to say about his life.

In " I was, I am, I will be" he turns the raw material of experience into fiction. I loved reading John's book, he has an unwavering passion for the truth as well as the courage to tell it.  He simply tells things as they are: brutal, sad, and tragic.

Michael Stevenson @ Paramount Pictures

7th June 2013


Jullian Ficarelli

14th February 2013


I just finished "Pierre's Story" last night. I can't find the words to tell how much I've been touched by this story, your story! The story moved me so deep inside, even my entourage noticed ! I'm not much of a book reader, especially the last few years..lack of time mostly. But the experience I just had with your story really re-introduced me to the great feeling of reading books. I kind of forgot it by reading & writing so many scenarios. Thank you for that ! But mainly THANK YOU for introducing me to your life story. It's such an honor to be part of it ! Also, being a father of a nearly 3 years old daughter, I did accompanied your feeling and actions as if I was by your side ! I have been torn and filled with sunshine chapters after chapters, lines after lines. I have so much respect for what you've been through and the way you responded to it ! This movie is gonna be a beauty !

Jullian Ficarelli - Paris, France.

Barnes and Noble pre-publication review

January 2013


The authors innate ability to vividly portray the mindset of the people involved in the book is quite extraordinary. I tried very hard to be clinical and almost distance myself from the knowledge of how John must have felt writing it... I can't imagine that pain... He had me crying both inside and out. The certified and authenticated documents that will be in the appendix of the book, will be, I do not doubt revealing, but  I did not need to question the truth of the ending... it had to be that I am crying again.  A well worthwhile read.

Editorial review

January 2013


A disturbingly, stunning read.  John Coventry's deceptively easy style conceals a darkness in the characters that rings true. A warning to us all.

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