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John Coventry was born near Liverpool, England.

Today  I had great fun meeting John Coventry again. as American Journalist Samantha Shaw says" In terms of mathematical probabilities British Author John Coventry should, by now be relaxing in the sure knowledge of international success." 

 It does not seem to show with  his effervescent chatter.  His boyish face is full of laughter .John lives on his own, a single man, which he seems to enjoy Tall, slim  and this very cheeky grin that seems to magically light up his tanned face. He looks fit and happy.

He's led an incredible life, travelled extensively, met many interesting people ,the late Jacke Stallone ( Mother of actor Sly Stallone, who are all close to John ) said  "John has met  the lowest scary guys from drug runners, IRA terrorists and worse to the powerful Presidents and Prime Ministers.  John has experienced more in those short years than most of us would ever would imagine."

John, the eldest of two sons, was brought up within an established English family dating back to 1460. They lived at the family home in Cheshire, England. 















Sir Thomas Coventry ,is noted in the history books of the period as the Kings  ( Charles 1 ) Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England in the year 1625. 














                                                Sir Thomas Coventry. Lord keeper of the Great seal of England.

In 1690 King William 111 camped with his army as the prepared to invade Ireland, on the grounds of Townfield, John's home. John remembers as a child finding an old cannon ball and many artefacts, while playing in the garden

He was sent away to boarding school when he was six.  His school life was unhappy; while the school that he attended was owned by an Admiral of the Fleet and run by a Lord,  he was sexually assaulted by the Masters (this is recorded in his book).

​  When John was still a teen, he travelled  Russia . During  his stay John met with a young  student  from Leningrad ( now St Petersburg ) University. The Young boy was called 'Putin' and he was, of course, to rise to become the Russian President.

John Coventry's life began to unravel as he began to mix with some unsavoury people in an attempt to fraudulently remove a considerable amount of money from the British Government and having to work for them in an attempt to stay out of prison. The offer was simple, "work for us, become involved with some of your friends who are druggies, find out who the dealers are,we mean the importers"......It did not take long for his involvement to become much deeper as John enters the world of drug runners and terrorists and worse, and this starts the first part of his thrilling  book ." I was,I am, I will be "

I was not at the beginning of  reading his book " I was, I am, I will be", ,sure if I was going to like the Author John Coventry, but as the story developed my view changed as I think he changed from a foolish and stupid young man to someone who while clearly scarred is trying to do the right thing,  life is about choices and John Coventry had to start making them.


     John  left the clutches of the Security Services and arrived in  Beverly Hills, California where he settled down.                                                                                               











John told me of meeting and making lasting friendships with many celebrities both within and outside the movie industry. John was  a frequent visitor to the late Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion and attended many of the  star  (as some may say sexually immoral) Playboy  parties .  John's home  next door to Guy Richies and Mandona,just down the block lived Ozzy and Sharron Osbourne  and tennis star John McEnroe .  one of his closest friends  Angelina Jolie said " John's a man you can trust to the core he's funny ,blunt  and an unashamedly  real honest Brit". One of John's oldest friends Arnold Schwarzenegger,John explained to me that Arnie had been and remains a man that has had great influence in his writing.




After the advice of  a good friend actor Vincent Schiavelli  who was notable for his roles in Ghost and Tomorrow never dies. John left the United States and moved to live in France, there in a  a secluded farmhouse in Normandy  and using the original notes, documents, photographs and secret recordings that his late father had made and placed in a vault, he started to write the first book, " I Was, I Am, I Will be". John says  " I would have never written this book without  Vincent's guidance and support ".

When I had finished reading this book, my view of John Coventry had changed, having met him, he is smart, but kind,  loyal and so very  sexy !!!  ( to save John any embarrassment, I refer  " of course " to the  John in the book) 

The French movie company StudioCanal filmed John and his friends on location in the UK for a serial TV documentary  covering parts of his experiences, called L'Agent" ( "The Agent") John clearly enjoyed the experience as he had, he said gone back to his old school and favourite pub for part of the locations. Talks are advanced with StudioCanal for a second documentary movie, filming starting in late 2021. John said that there was still more to be agreed and talks are continuing with both StudioCanal and their casting agents.





The hour with John Coventry passed so quickly for me, John has so many horrifying tales to tell and some very funny ones. He is unassuming you would never guess he had been through so much and knows so many well known people. John told me that at an early point in settling in California he was invited out to dinner by a friend, the dinner was attending by some 12 guests none of which John recognised. John said after a very friendly start to the meal he asked the lady next to him what she did for a job. She replied she was Kathy Bates,( well know for the movie Misery) John still did know until his friend mentioned the movie " Titanic and Misery", The man at the top of the table suddenly laughed and said " and I am the Captain of the Titanic !, of course it was actor Bernard Hill, ( who's movies include Titanic, Lord of the rings and many more )and so John found himself having dinner with the stars of the Movie Titanic. John says he has remained close friends with them all since then.

John has had to experience  much distress and sorrow over the last few years  he has pacifically asked me not to comment on these events, john's   widowed and dividing  his time between the USA and Europe. 


  I for one think John's  book " I was, I am, I will be " is a very worthy best seller. But did I spot a very different man.? For a few seconds his guard dropped, I think I saw a troubled man, who's demons from the past still haunt him.  I was intrigued by the magnetic  smile upon his face, and the sadness within his eyes  I   met a man whose eyes showed  that the past, present and future were all the same thing. 

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